The Serenity House Rules

You are making a CHOICE to move into a clean and sober communal living environment. We have some rules to help the house run as smoothly as possible and keep our focus on sobriety/recovery. If you ever find yourself complaining about the rules, try to remember that you made a choice to reside at The Serenity House and we are here to help you. No one is forcing you to live at The Serenity House.

As a resident of The Serenity House living environment, I understand and agree to the following:

The first 30 days of residing at The Serenity House are probationary. Resident will be asked to leave if she is non-compliant or disruptive to The Serenity House.

  1. Our policy is complete abstinence. You agree that you will not possess any drugs, alcohol, or mood altering substances. You will remain drug and alcohol free. This applies to any and all visitors.
    1. This includes ‘non-alcoholic’ beer or wine.
    2. This includes possession, consumption, production, distribution and sales.
    3. Prescription medications must be noted in writing and as soon as medication is prescribed.
    4. Residents must store all medications in a safe place. Sharing of medications with other residents is not allowed.
  2. You will agree to random drug/alcohol tests when requested. Refusal or failure to take the test immediately, or a positive test, will be discussed on a case by case basis; and may result in termination of my stay at The Serenity House. If you are allowed to come back, you will be asked to leave The Serenity House for three days and incur a $150 fine.
  3. The Serenity House should be notified anytime there are concerns or questions about yourself, your roommates or the living environment. We are here to support you. Additionally, You agree that you will not participate in another community member’s disease by keeping secrets about chemical use, rule violations, or destructive behaviors.
  4. Do not enter another resident’s room without expressed permission from all occupants. Staff reserves the right to search personal property at any time while you are a resident.
  5. You agree to attend and be on time for all Serenity House meetings. The house AA meeting begins at 7pm every Thursday  night. The meeting is 7-8pm. Following that AA meeting house residents will gather by 8:30pm to discuss house matters. Please bring any and all house matters to the table. There will also be a suggestion box for your convenience.
  6. Regular attending of AA/NA is MANDATORY.
    1. If you are not working or attending school, you must go to a  meeting daily. That is seven (7) meetings a week, unless you made other arrangements with management.
  7. A sponsor is MANDATORY. We require a “temporary sponsor” within 2 weeks of admission. Residents are expected to have daily contact with a sponsor and weekly meetings and actively working the steps. You will report what step you are on during the weekly house  meeting. If you do not get a sponsor, we will choose one for you.
  8. The living room, dining room and kitchen are common areas. Rules of common courtesy, respect, cleanliness and cooperation are in order. Common areas should be resident free by 11:30. Television hours are determined by management.
  9. Residents are expected to be good neighbors, not just “non-disturbing” neighbors. Be mindful of your volume and language when outside. Pick up garbage, follow the speed limit, say hi.
  10. I will work, attend school, spend time with my sponsor, go to meetings, write, read the big book, or do a combination of these things, which consist of a full day’s activities (40 hours/week). Recovery will be my # 1 priority above all else (work, relationships, etc.). I will not lay in bed all day.
  11. I agree to abide  by the curfew. The curfew regulations for The Serenity House are as follows:
    1. The first 30 days: Monday-Sunday 11:00pm.
    2. After the first 30 days: Sunday-Thursday 11:30pm and Friday-Saturday 2:00am.
    3. NOTE: Staff should be contacted immediately if a resident is late.
  12. Excessive noise is prohibited. Common courtesy is at 10:00pm, so others can sleep. TV’s and radio’s will be off by 11:30pm.
  13. I understand that violence, or threats of violence, emotional or physical will not be tolerate and are grounds for immediately dismissal and possible legal action. This includes physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual violence, as well as bullying. Keep in mind that excessive arguing with staff or residents may be grounds for dismissal.
  14. I will, at all times, respect the other members of the house in regard to noise, eating, cleaning personal space, personal possessions and common living areas. This means that I will be responsible for helping with the chores and housekeeping duties. I will be expected to do my fair share. Additionally, I will cooperate with management at all times. The Serenity House provides a chore list, which is accessible to house members at all times that will notify the resident of their weekly chore and how the chore is to be completed.
  15. I understand that my bedroom is to be clean and my bed to be made every day. Trash is to be taken out every day. Eating and drinking is allowed as long as you clean up.
  16. Serenity House is NOT responsible for losses or theft of personal property, including: money, jewelry, clothing, etc. Sealing will result in immediate termination and possible legal action. Do not take other people’s t hings without asking, that is called stealing. ASK before taking something.
  17. Serenity House cannot be responsible for items remaining at the house after a resident has left the program for any reason. Items that remain at the house will be held for a 72 hour period and then donated to charity.
  18. Smoking is allowed in the designated smoking areas. No tobacco products may be used inside the residence.
  19. I understand that pornographic materials are not allowed in the residences this includes, but is not limited to, internet pornography sites, magazines, video materials etc.
  20. When I  move out, I will leave a clean space for the next person, i.e. vacuum etc. If a resident vacates for other than satisfactory reasons he/she may  not visit the house for a period of 30 days, unless otherwise specified.